Acrylic on Paper

50 x 40cm


Each of the stenciled bees in these paintings have been created using a 5 piece set of hand cut stencils. Colour is added to the fine paper backgrounds in layers using spray paint and the stencils. The nature of these paintings means that the immediacy and quickness of the captured moment is matched by the carefully planned, rapid technique used to create them. Many overlaboured versions were created and discarded before these pieces were selected for further work.

Each bee becomes an individual entity according to the amount of paint added, the speed at which it is added and the gradual degradation of the stencils. The background shadows and texts all come from sketchbooks selected to enhance and mystify the intensity of the pieces. Additional Montage elements have been added to some of the pieces and painted over. These elements range from distorted Edinburgh New Town buildings to vintage photographs. Narratives are suggested by the featured texts. The piece 'At least I've Had a Proper Stalker'- is a (slightly comic) reference to an actual stalker and the work 'I Have Stopped Sleeping but I Prefer to Dream Anyway' is an allusion to insomnia and overwork.

PRICE: £375